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PRP for Sexual Rejuvenation

WarnerSite120114v6Sex_15Dr. Bryan Warner, HealthyBalanceMD, offers Platelet Rich Plasma Sexual Rejuvenation to transform the sex lives of men and women in the St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Sexual wellness is one of our specialties at HealthyBalanceMD of St. Louis. By far, the most revolutionary and exciting thing that has aided our efforts in helping clients to improve their sex life are the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP).

It is common for people to talk about their health issues. But it is rare for people to discuss their sexual wellness. At HealthyBalanceMD of St. Louis, we do talk about sexual wellness! It is something that we help men and women achieve. The unfortunate fact is that as people age, and especially once they reach their late 40s / early 50s, their sex life declines for a variety of reasons. They have less desire to have sex and when they do have it, it is not as stimulating, pleasant and rewarding as it once was.

You can accept your diminished sex life, or, you can do something about it.  Our Physicians are highly experienced in this area. Our facility offers a safe and effective solution for both men and women, to help you get your sex life back! Read on to learn about PRP sexual rejuvenation for both women and men.

Benefits of PRP therapy/ plasma injections for sexual wellbeing include:


It starts with a visit to our facility, where we will provide a free, no obligation consultation about these procedures. At that time, you can schedule your next visit, to receive the treatment. It takes place in our facility and there is no downtime. This is a non-surgical procedure, and it is pain free.

When you come in for the procedure, we will draw some blood. Then, utilizing an innovative technique, we extract the growth factors (called cytokines) from your blood. Cytokines have a certain effect on other cells, and we have mastered using them to your advantage. With PRP sexual rejuvenation for women, a few simple injections are made in and around the pelvic area. Men receive the shot in various areas of the penis. Of course, these areas have been numbed with an anesthetic cream just before the procedure, so you will not feel discomfort.

These growth factors exist in platelet rich plasma (PRP), and once they are injected into the desired area, they do an amazing job. And the wonderful thing is that there is nothing chemical or synthetic going into your system. These growth factors are naturally found in your body, and actually stimulate the production of new tissue around the injection sites. Damaged cells are repaired and existing cells are given a longer life. The results are seen almost instantly and continue to develop over the coming weeks.

Rejuvenating the tissue of your sexual anatomy can give you a whole new lease on life, and turn your relationship around. Couples report feeling tremendous happiness and contentment from their renewed sexual activity. They also report a closeness, or bonding, that they have not felt in possibly a very long time.

PRP Sexual Rejuvenation for Women

Women – have you heard of PRP sexual rejuvenation for greater sexual pleasure?


PRP sexual rejuvenation for women utilizes two simple injections of her own plasma to stimulate cell growth and in essence, make the vaginal area young again. A sample of the patient’s blood is processed using a special centrifuge, and the amazing growth factors (certain platelets) are separated, then injected back into the body. The results are noticeable almost immediately, and the total time required for the procedure is about one hour. Women,PRP sexual rejuvenation may just be exactly what you are looking for, to take your sex life to a higher level. This procedure is:


PRP sexual rejuvenation is beneficial for women with low sexual desire, urinary incontinence, or pain during sex. Our medical team is happy to further explain this revolutionary treatment option to you during an initial consultation.

PRP sexual rejuvenation was designed to renew and rejuvenate the vaginal area. A numbing cream is applied, and then your body’s own healing agents (platelets) are inserted just beneath the skin.PRP sexual rejuvenation, like the PRP Facelift, utilizes PRP – platelet rich plasma. Platelets are a component of your blood’s plasma, and they stimulate cell growth and repair.

The results of this new tissue growth are heightened sensitivity, increased sexual pleasure, and improved overall response to sex. Vaginal appearance is also improved, because skin is smoother and fuller. And, if urinary incontinence has been a problem, this condition is usually reduced or even eliminated with PRP sexual rejuvenation.

PRP Sexual Rejuvenation for Men

Men – did you know that PRP sexual rejuvenation can enhance your sexual performance and satisfaction?


Just like PRP sexual rejuvenation for women,  PRP sexual rejuvenation for men takes advantage of your body’s own growth factors. A simple blood draw is done and the growth factors are separated out, then used for the injection. There is no pain and only a short period of mild discomfort during this short procedure, but the results can last for many months, even up to a year! (results vary by individual). The length and girth of the penis are often increased by possibly as much as one inch.

PRP sexual rejuvenation is for men suffering from any type of sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction. Using those amazing platelets that have been separated from your own blood, the penis is made fuller and in some cases, longer! This procedure is:


For men, the benefits of PRP sexual rejuvenation are as follows:

If you are a man wanting to take your sexual experiences to the next level, this may be just the thing for you! Dr. Warner and his staff will thoroughly explain all aspects of the procedure and answer every question that you have. Men can expect an increased libido, greater sexual pleasure, and more stamina! Not to mention a fuller, longer penis. There are no allergic reactions, and PRP sexual rejuvenation can be used in conjunction with Viagra or Cialis. It often helps them perform even better!

The effects of PRP sexual rejuvenation last for many months, but results vary by patient. We will discuss all aspects of PRP sexual rejuvenation with you prior to the brief procedure.

Contact us today for your free, confidential initial consultation. HealthyBalanceMD is here to improve your quality of life!

For more info about PRP sexual rejuvenation for women and men, contact our St. Louis wellness facility. We welcome all inquiries and questions, and we take time to answer them. We are here to help you regain or improve your sexual performance.

At HealthyBalanceMD of St. Louis, it is our pleasure and our honor to help couples in this way. And of course we help single clients who simply seek to regain or improve their sexual performance.

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