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Sermorelin Therapy

Happy mature couple relaxing at homePeople will search everywhere to discover the coveted “Fountain of Youth.” They want something that will keep them looking and feeling young. Although chronological aging cannot stop, research shows there are therapies to prevent the undesirable symptoms connected with aging.

As the body ages, hormone levels fluctuate. Levels of growth hormone (GH) – the hormone responsible for growth and development in adolescent  –  decline as the body matures into the early adult years for both men and women. The steady decline of GH results in unwelcome symptoms of aging, such as weight gain, a decrease of libido, loss of muscle mass, and foggy cognitive function. While some have found that human growth hormone (HGH), the synthetic substitution, reduces the effects of aging, it comes with many negative side effects. Sermorelin — a more pocketbook friendly alternative — can provide relief for adults utilizing a holistic methodology.

What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a natural derivative of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH), made in the hypothalamus, to trigger the pituitary gland naturally.

Since Sermorelin is similar in structure to GHRH, it has similar biological activity. Sermorelin stimulates the production and secretion of GH from the anterior pituitary while assisting in the restoration of growth hormone. This process results in more youthful levels, even after natural GH production has decreased.

Studies have shown that by optimizing growth hormone levels in adults, the typical effects of aging diminish leaving men and women more energized and less vulnerable to disease and fatigue.

The Benefits of Sermorelin Therapy

Within the first few months of therapy, the body’s natural levels of growth hormone will increase. The benefits of therapy include:

Sermorelin has emerged as a highly valuable alternative to HGH for adults looking to improve vitality and energy. Start feeling, looking and living better with Sermorelin today!

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  • In August 2010, my husband and I became patients of Dr. Bryan Warner. I was so excited about the appointment. I had been studying about Bioidential Hormone Therapy. I had many issues i.e., low energy, weight gain, sleeplessness and night sweats.  Dr. Warner has been a tremendous blessing to me and my husband. He has a wealth of knowledge. Dr.…Read More
  • My aging body loves BHRT and what it can do.  With Dr. Warner, I find that no subject is off limits and I'm very comfortable discussing any hormonal, health or aesthetic needs.  I so appreciate that I don't have to sign up for expensive concierge service and he still willing to deal with my unusual issues.  Also, I am very…Read More



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