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Hormones & Constipation: The Hidden Link

Published January 5, 2018

Women have many different types of hormonal issues unique to the female body that they must contend with throughout their lives, including menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, and much more. However, most women don’t think twice about these health issues as they are occurring, until something seems to be out of balance. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to experience uncomfortable symptoms that don’t seem to have a direct causal link to hormones. Periodic constipation has long been one of these issues that has a direct correlation to changes in progesterone hormone levels, yet is not always commonly known. While constipation can happen to anyone, women who are midway through their menstrual cycle or are pregnant have a much higher incidence rate of experiencing periodic constipation as a result of these hormonal changes. Fortunately, understanding why and how progesterone impacts the body can help with lifestyle modifications to ease the issue. Read more…

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  • My husband and I have been going to Dr. Warner for about three years now.  I started mainly because I felt I had a hormone imbalance.  I had gone through menopause just a few years before.  My blood pressure, which had been great my entire life, went high, my hair was falling out, incontinence, sleep problems, and just normal aging…Read More
  • In August 2010, my husband and I became patients of Dr. Bryan Warner. I was so excited about the appointment. I had been studying about Bioidential Hormone Therapy. I had many issues i.e., low energy, weight gain, sleeplessness and night sweats.  Dr. Warner has been a tremendous blessing to me and my husband. He has a wealth of knowledge. Dr.…Read More
  • My aging body loves BHRT and what it can do.  With Dr. Warner, I find that no subject is off limits and I'm very comfortable discussing any hormonal, health or aesthetic needs.  I so appreciate that I don't have to sign up for expensive concierge service and he still willing to deal with my unusual issues.  Also, I am very…Read More



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