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How Your Diet Can Affect Your Thyroid Health

Published November 16, 2017

Eating Right with Thyroid Disease

When it comes to thyroid disease, symptoms can be far-reaching, having an effect on your weight, your energy levels, your ability to focus, and even the health of your hair and skin. Thyroid disease is a common but debilitating illness, and when it comes to your thyroid, your daily habits can go far in managing your symptoms. Despite the fact that it can be easy to feel as if you have no control, there are things you can do to help ease your condition and improve your thyroid health. Your diet, for instance, can either work for or against you by easing or exacerbating symptoms, and it should not be overlooked as an important part of your treatment plan. Thyroid disease can be debilitating, but finding the right diet to support your thyroid health can make it much less so and can mean the difference between feeling your best and feeling your worst. Read more…

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  • My husband and I have been going to Dr. Warner for about three years now.  I started mainly because I felt I had a hormone imbalance.  I had gone through menopause just a few years before.  My blood pressure, which had been great my entire life, went high, my hair was falling out, incontinence, sleep problems, and just normal aging…Read More
  • In August 2010, my husband and I became patients of Dr. Bryan Warner. I was so excited about the appointment. I had been studying about Bioidential Hormone Therapy. I had many issues i.e., low energy, weight gain, sleeplessness and night sweats.  Dr. Warner has been a tremendous blessing to me and my husband. He has a wealth of knowledge. Dr.…Read More
  • My aging body loves BHRT and what it can do.  With Dr. Warner, I find that no subject is off limits and I'm very comfortable discussing any hormonal, health or aesthetic needs.  I so appreciate that I don't have to sign up for expensive concierge service and he still willing to deal with my unusual issues.  Also, I am very…Read More



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